Big fish, too...!

Fishing at the outfitter

Cockanagog Outfitter is a true little piece of paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

With its breathtaking scenery on 5 lakes grouped together, you will catch in the summer gilthead, pike, lake trout, bass, sturgeon and whitefish.  Boats, motors and pontoons are also available for rent.  It is also possible to moor your personal boat on our central wharf and get gas during your stay.

Close to the wharf, we also have a fully equipped gutting room for cleaning your fish.

Our ice fishing village is open from December 20th to March 31st. You will fish for pike, cisco, whitefish, walleye, monkfish and yellow perch.   With our lighted fishing huts you will be able to fish day and night.

A licence and a fishing right are mandatory.


Pourvoirie Cockanagog

Equipment rental and ice fishing

Fishing guide
Fishing guide available
Price on request
Rental of equipment
Boat and motor (9.9HP)
85,00 $
per day, gas included
Boat and motor (9.9HP)
450,00 $
for 7 days, gas included
16' pontoon
135,00 $
per day, gas included, for 4 adults
16' pontoon
685,00 $
for 7 days, gas included, for 4 adults
20' pontoon
175,00 $
per day, petrol included, for 4 adults, 2 children
20' pontoon
850,00 $
for 7 days, gas included, for 4 adults, 2 children
Ice fishing
Ice fishing package dinner, bed and breakfast
170,00 $
per person per day, min. of 2 persons
Lighted fishing hut
starting at 40.00$
wood included, not included with cottage
Box of 5 lines
7,50 $
per day
1,50 $
Season pass available
On-site baiting

Please note that taxes are not included in our prices.


Pourvoirie Cockanagog