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Accommodation, Hunting, Fishing, Quad and snowmobile

Pourvoirie Cockanagog

1195, chemin Cockanagog, Ferme-Neuve
(Québec) Canada, J0W 1C0


Phone: (819) 440-9459 or toll free at (833) 440-9459

For a reservation or additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. The Cockanagog Pourvoirie team will be happy to answer all your questions.

logo Pourvoirie cockanagog
direction Pourvoirie Cockanagog

From Mont-Laurier, on route 117:

  • Take route 309 North towards Ferme-Neuve.
  • At Ferme-Neuve, just before arriving in the village, turn left on Montée Leblanc (or Route 17)
  • A little further on, you will see the signs for Cockanagog.
    (we are 41 km from Ferme-Neuve)
  • After 29 km, at the Cockanagog sign, turn right
  • Drive on this road for a distance of 8 km.
  • At the small Cockanagog sign, turn left.
  • Now drive 4 km to the main pavilion.